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Helpful Resources for You and Your Loved Ones

Finding answers to your questions can be an important part of the recovery journey.  Whether you’re a patient or a loved one or friend of a patient, we have assembled some suggested resources to help you learn more about opioid addiction.

Suggested Reading

We have compiled a list of suggested books, articles and links that will help you if you are facing opioid addiction or have a family member or friend who needs support. 

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PBS Nova has recently released a special on the opioid epidemic that may be helpful if you or your family member want to learn more on this topic. 

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If you are in need of additional community support please take note of this list of other resources assembled to help you or your family on your recovery journey. 

Suggested Watch
Community Resources
In the News

Check back periodically for the latest news in treatment advances, government regulations and other news related to the opioid crisis and treatment solutions. 

The end of March brought news from the FDA that Narcan will now be available over the counter with hopes that people can be saved from overdose. 
In Texas, parents in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch school district just north of Dallas are reeling in shock after a number of teen fentanyl overdoses in the community.   
National Institute of Drug Abuse recently released updated statistics on overdose deaths through 2021 broken down by age, specific opioids and more. 

US Settlement Signals Protections For People Taking Addiction Medicine
Read more about settlement for employee unfairly terminated for suboxone use.

Conducted annually, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) provides nationally representative data on substance use disorders and more.   

Berkshire Biomedical Awarded Phase II Funding for NIH Research Grant to Support Continued Development of the COPA™ System for Automated at Home Methadone Administration

Read how one Tucson clinic hopes to break stigma on medication for opioid use disorder.

Sleep disturbances can be one of the challenges faced by someone newly recovering from opioid use disorder.  Read how home sensors can help.
Learn how medication assisted treatment is helping women during pregnancy.

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The DEA recently reported an increased presence of a dangerous synthetic opioid Isotonitazene  (“ISO”) along the East coast and Southern US. 
Fatal drug overdoses rose nearly 15% in Kentucky last year with a significant portion linked to the use of fentanyl.

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New mobile game concept puts players in the shoes of opioid addiction.  Developed by a recovering opioid addict to provide hope and understanding.  
CDC Proposes new guidelines for opioid prescriptions

Paterson gets $1M to fight opioid addiction with RealFix medication initiative

Seven in 10 adults with opioid use disorder who receive prescriptions for buprenorphine to help combat addiction take medication as directed

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